It is along the Tourist Road of Champagne that the family House J.M. GOULARD can be found. In the heart of Saint-Thierry Mountain, at Prouilly, the invitation is launched to meet the producers of J.M. GOULARD Champagne: Jean-Marie, Martine and Damien GOULARD.

The Champagne House
J.M. Goulard

The current heritage of the House J.M. GOULARD has been started by Paul GOULARD. With his caring and generous nature, he devoted his life to working the land as a farmer and wine­grower. Later, Jean-Marie GOULARD, his son, worked with him in the family estate.

In 1978, Jean-Marie and Martine found the bases of their own estate. Dedicated to the quality of their champagnes, Jean-Marie and Martine practiced traditional viticulture. In the same way as their gardeners and farmers ancestors did, they take care of their cultures daily.

The three sons of the House: Sébastien, Sylvain and Damien, had a childhood paced by the visit of J.M. GOULARD Champagne connaisseurs. Damien takes over the operation in 2012. The desire to perpetuate the tradition of these parents but also the desire to find the terroir of the Massif de St Thierry in wines are his motivation.

The Art of viticulture

Rooted in the family history, viticulture plays a key role at J.M. GOULARD Champagne. Damien also inherited this passion for the culture ofland and grapes and bis influence on the House is present … He bas wished to integrate vinification in oak barrels. The soils have been worked out and sustainable wine-growing methods are set up as from plantation.

Damien considers the vineyard as bis garden: on the seven hectares of the Ho use, each single plot of land is cultivated with care. As bis grand-father did, he can plough the land, loosen or ventilate the soils, bind the antlers of bis vines all day long, because he knows how important a noble raw mate rial is for champagne making …

A family production

Damien, Martine and Jean-Marie are driven by the same passion: from vine to vinification, they combine their creativity and accuracy to give birth to J.M. Goulard champagnes.

The harvest is the key early stage of a successful vinification: the Goulard family and its team pick up the grapes by band, in accordance with tradition. Coing from baskets to the wine­press, grapes will turn into juice. They will be poured into tanks and barrels for fermentation processes (alcoholic, then malolactic) up to the following spring.

Damien, bis brothers, Sébastien – œnologist – and Sylvain, together with their parents, all five taste the clear wines obtained to give birth to the future champagnes of the Ho use. They make a combination of grape varieties, reserve wines, years, soils … The subtlety of their job lies in the choice oftheir blending. From the respected House style and the future bottled cuvees, the future effervescence of the champagne will came out, so fascinating.

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