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The current heritage of the House J.M. GOULARD has been started by Paul GOULARD. With his caring and generous nature, he devoted his life to working the land as a farmer and wine-grower. Later, Jean-Marie GOULARD, his son, worked with him in the family estate.

In 1979, Jean-Marie married Martine and together, they found the bases of their own estate. Dedicated to the quality of their champagnes, Jean-Marie and Martine practiced traditional viticulture. In the same way as their gardeners and farmers ancestors did, they take care of their cultures daily.

The three sons of the House: Sébastien, Sylvain and Damien, had a childhood paced by the visit of J.M. GOULARD Champagne connoisseurs. As a family House does, the key for the harvest, and Sébastien, as the œnologist, takes care with them of the clear wines and the blending operations.


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    Jean-Marie Goulard


    Active in wine-growers’ associations, Jean-Marie cares about mutual help and the development of the terroir of Saint-Thierry Mountain. He is a considerate, caring specialist wine-grower, who looks after the enjoyment of his connoisseurs.

    Martine Goulard


    She is at the centre of a four-man family! And she is the mediator: through dialogue, exchange, she builds peaceful relationships and stands as a solid pillar allowing the estate to move forward.

    Damien Goulard


    From a new generation of wine-makers, combining modernity with tradition with accuracy and subtlety, Damien especially took part in stopping weeding in the House vineyard. His curiosity and open-mindedness allow him to pick the best of cultural practices in France and around the world. Since 2008, he has been a member of the Young Wine-Makers of SGV (Syndicat Général des Vignerons); an implication enabling him to keep updated with Champagne vineyard news and to exchange with his colleagues on future practices. Being an optimist, he likes moving forward and brings his view for an integrated viticulture and a sharpened making of J.M. GOULARD champagnes.

    Wine-grower in Saint-Thierry Mountain

    Rooted in the family history, viticulture plays a key role at J.M. GOULARD Champagne. Damien also inherited this passion for the culture of land and grapes and his influence on the House is present...

    He has wished to integrate vinification in oak barrels. The soils have been worked out and sustainable wine-growing methods are set up as from plantation.

    Damien considers the vineyard as his garden: on the seven hectares of the House, each single plot of land is cultivated with care. As his grand-father did, he can plough the land, loosen or ventilate the soils, bind the antlers of his vines all day long, because he knows how important a noble raw material is for champagne making...

    The terroir of Saint-Thierry Mountain

    Damien, Jean-Marie and Martine are committed to the value of terroir. Their vineyard is entirely located in Saint-Thierry Mountain, the expression of which can be found back in their champagnes.

    Two major types of soil are present in the Mountain: sandy clayey soils and clay-limestone soils. These typologies of draining soils, combined with the soil work achieved by Damien, allow vines – and wine later, to absorb trace elements and fully express the terroir.

    This geology is very important for the roots of the grape varieties planted. So, the vine variety of the House vineyard is basically linked to its terroir. The champagnes produced reflect it perfectly: the wines expressing Saint-Thierry Mountain have some slight acidity in common. They are young, expressive wines whose aromas are on citrus and flowers. This typical characteristic of terroir and wines alike can be appreciated in an elegant fluidity and continuing length in the palate.


    Damien, Martine and Jean-Marie are driven by the same passion: from vine to vinification, they combine their creativity and accuracy to give birth to J.M. Goulard champagnes.

    The harvest is the key early stage of a successful vinification: the Goulard family and its team pick up the grapes by hand, in accordance with tradition. Going from baskets to the wine-press, grapes will turn into juice. They will be poured into tanks and barrels for fermentation processes (alcoholic, then malolactic) up to the following spring.

    Damien, his brothers, Sébastien - œnologist - and Sylvain, together with their parents, all five taste the clear wines obtained to give birth to the future champagnes of the House. They make a combination of grape varieties, reserve wines, years, soils… The subtlety of their job lies in the choice of their blending. From the respected House style and the future bottled cuvees, the future effervescence of the champagne will come out, so fascinating. Then a rest in cellars for 24 months minimum will follow… until the time of disgorging comes, the last stage where dosage and corking will duly finish the champagne created.


    De leur vignoble cultivé avec passion et soin, et de leur travail d’artisans du vin, Martine, Jean-Marie et Damien font éclore cinq champagnes :

    Paul tradition

    Paul tradition

    Blanc de Noirs from Saint-Thierry Mountain

    The cuvee Paul Tradition is the keeper of the GOULARD family history: Paul produced it with Pinots Meuniers (75 %) and Noirs (25 %) issued from his vineyard. Today it is still made from these varieties, grown in the traditional way, with malo-lactic fermentation. This is a harmonious Blanc de Noirs, well representing Saint-Thierry Mountain.
    Rosé Orphise

    Rosé Orphise

    Rosé issued from Noirs grape varieties

    Combined with the historic blending of the House (70 % Pinot Meunier, 30 % Pinot Noir), the reserve red wine (12 to 17 %) is issued from old vines legated by Gisèle Orphise, Martine’s mother. Their grapes, very sweet and strictly sane, give to Rosé Orphise a redcurrant appearance with strong aromas of red fruit (kirsch, blueberry). This is a virile and powerful wine that transcends the red wine chosen specifically for this blending. For experienced connoisseurs.
    Esprit Octavie

    Esprit Octavie

    Prestige Cuvee of three grape varieties

    From the cutting of the three champagne grape varieties, which during 4 to 5 years develop their aromas in symbiosis, the cuvee Esprit Octavie flourishes. Gourmet and accessible, it presents a fine brioche, even smoky bouquet. Then, its power and complexity free aromas of soft spices and candied fruits. Pinots and Chardonnay combine in a fine effervescence and a nice length in palate.


    Vintage 2008

    A blending of 40 % of Chardonnay, 30 % of Pinot Noir and 30 % of Pinot Meunier was created from the fullness of the harvest 2008. With a golden and shiny appearance and a fine and rapid mousse, L’épanouie reveals its aromas of plum, cinnamon and chestnut. This is a mature and complex vintage cuvee, whose character takes nothing away from its freshness... For gourmet connoisseur!
    La Charme

    La Charme

    100 % Pinot Meunier, vinified in oak barrels, 2009

    « La Charme » was born during the harvest 2008 from the crossed know-how of Damien, Sébastien and Jean-Marie. Together, they worked on the wine-growing process in the wood for each grape variety; 100 % Meunier turned out to be the most exceptional: precise and uncompromising. It expresses –intensely, with harmony– subtle smoky and vanilla notes. The Charme is a well-balanced cuvee with a structured, long finish.

    Some useful hints :

    Champagne is ready to drink as soon as you receive it.

    Keep it stored flat, in a cellar between 8°C and 12°C, away from daylight.

    Serve chilled but not iced, in champagne glasses.


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